Happy Hug Day

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Happy Hug Day Quotes

I’ll always find my way to you, no matter where you are. Kiss you and hug you tight. I only love you.


Never put off a hug for someone you could give one to today because when you give one, you will receive one straight back in the same way.


Hug me while I’m present, miss me when I’m not, kiss me daily, and love me for the rest of your life.


love is a continuous feeling that wraps around you. Just like Hug.


I’ve just built a hug gadget. If you’re unhappy on a gloomy day, try this solar-powered device to lift your spirits.


May we greet one another through kindness, with a smile, and a passionate hug!


I’ll always find a way to you, no matter where you are. I’ll hold you in my arms and give you a slew of kisses. You are the only one I care about.


Never put off hugging someone you could hug right now because when you do, you’ll get a hug back from them as well.


Love is like a butterfly resting on a flower.


Before I hugged you, I had already given you my whole attention and affection….


The bad lads are kept at bay by a daily hug.


A hug is like a boomerang in that you get it immediately back from the one who gives it.


You may come as close as a hug without touching by laughing together.


When someone offers you a hug, it’s from the heart in my neck of the woods.


Hug Day Messages

You will feel the depth of my emotion in the warmth of my hug.


I am filled with affection for you. Hug me and let it to flow through your spirit.


A hug is a way to show you care. Let me say this: We haven’t talked about it yet.


I communicate my thoughts using words, but hugs convey my feelings.


One-size-fits-all hugs are a terrific gift since they can be exchanged quickly and easily.


Giving a hug is the one gift that can’t be offered without receiving one in return. It’s a hug day!


Make me yours forever by hugging me so firmly. Today is National Hug Day, so let’s celebrate!


There is only one present that can compare to the joy of getting it. That’s why it’s here for you today. It’s a hug day!


A hug calms, delights, and healing potions. Sending you one now


To let you know that I’m thinking about you and missing you, I’m sending you a big hug.


Assuring you of my love and support, I’m sending you a hug, kiss, and a heartfelt message.


Never put off hugging someone you could hug right now because you’ll get a hug back in return.


In addition to bringing our bodies together, my hug will bring our spirits together as well!


An affectionate handshake from the heart, a hug will undoubtedly lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.


I want to embrace you because I want to share all of my joys and sorrows with you.


Today, I’m sending you a virtual embrace so warm and tight that the miles between us seem inconsequential in comparison to how much I care about you!


If a hug could tell you how much I care about you, I’d keep you in my arms all day and night long.


Although love cannot be packaged in a box, it may be hugged. That would explain why we have arms, then. So, in honour of National Hug Day, let me give you a big bear hug.


Because I know how much you appreciate presents, I’m sending you a very large one. From me to you, this is a big hug!


Putting love into hugs rather than words is sometimes preferable.

Hug Day Images

hug day image


hug day image


hug day image


hug day image


hug day image


happy hug day image


happy hug day finger image


puppy hug cat image


lion hug girl


coffee mug hug each other


Wishing you all a very Happy Hug Day! ūüôā


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